Nationwide: Goldfish Societies UK Aims and Objectives for 2019 - 2022

1. Continue the development of the Butterfly Goldfish, through publication of records of breeding, showing, meetings and presentations over the next three years with a view to eventual consideration of incorporation into the published Nationwide: Goldfish Standards of the United Kingdom in 2022.
2. Encourage fish breeders that are interested to train and become qualified as Goldfish Judges. This will entail the design and ratification of a realistic training programme that would be recognised and adhered to by all the societies within Nationwide:
3. Encourage and support all open Shows and new membership within all societies as part of the goldfish breeding/keeping fraternity.
4. Galvanise full and active support for the annual National Fancy Goldfish Open Show to be staged, this year, on 5th October 2019. Preparations have been ongoing since October 2018 and are now almost complete. This show will be our 6th successive self-financing Annual National Fancy Goldfish Open Show and aims to celebrate the pinnacle of all the societies fish breeding and keeping throughout the year. To stage this show we rely on volunteers from all societies and am pleased to report that three volunteers from BAS, one from NEGS and two from AMGK have already booked hotel rooms for Friday the 4th October to enable enough volunteers to be on hand to set up the halls for this largest of shows in the UK the night before the big day. We welcome more volunteers from all the societies who wish to do the same and also stay right to the very end of the show day to ensure the event goes smoothly and on time. This show is put on by all the societies so as many volunteers as possible from all the societies would be welcome! The Nationwide Constitution, Organisation/Structure and Standards Protocol follows on the next few pages as a reminder to Society members, new and old, as to the workings of Nationwide: in its endeavour to support the ever-developing hobby throughout the UK and act as a conduit between all societies, breeders and enthusiasts. Like our individual societies within Nationwide, we are all volunteers when it comes to running events and our societies, the more folk that take on responsibilities within societies and the Nationwide: itself, the better each will run and help all fish keepers, new and more experienced to enjoy our hobby. Notification of any progress with any proposed new standards and /or events of interest will be issued to all Nationwide: delegates and societies as and when they arise over the coming three years