Chairman's Letter October 2019

Dear Members,


(Goldfish Variety Standards, National Fancy Goldfish Open Show, Nationwide Judges)



Just a short note, as your Chairman of NATIONWIDE: GOLDFISH SOCIETIES UK, to personally thank everyone who made the journey (for some hundreds of miles and across the channel) to enter their fish and join in such a fantastic show. It was good to see so many old friends and the large number of new faces that, hopefully, will come to many more shows throughout the country over the forthcoming years. I would also take this opportunity to especially thank all those many volunteers that worked so hard to stage our 6th National Fancy Goldfish Open Show right from early Autumn 2018 right through 2019 and particularly on the final two days of the 4th and 5th October 2019.

Special thanks to Graham Turner NEGS (Secretary for Nationwide) who, as show secretary, organised the excellent sponsorship of fish foods for the prizes for winners and helpers on the day. We had fantastic sponsorship from Vitalis in the form of small and large tubs of their excellent granule and flake fish food, with Mars Fish Care also supplying small tubs of Aquarian, their goldfish food. Unfortunately, sponsorship from Fish Science, which is always welcome, did not arrive in time for the show. Graham also had the task of sorting out the over 300 entries and the fairly onerous task of filling in the 200 or so prize cards ready for the winners’ names to be added on the day. Thanks also to Jackie Pedley (AMGK) for sorting out the excellent Judges’ buffet lunches and sausage rolls and filled buns etc., for the canteen; Linda and Gary Malpas (AMGK) for organising the liquid refreshments and Mick Smith (AMGK), Phil Riley (AMGK), Dave Meadon (BAS), Heather Carrier (AMGK) together with Linda and Gary for staging and running the 90+ lots at the now legendary auction of breeders’ pedigree Nationwide Standard fish.


I mustn’t forget the 19 volunteers from three of the Nationwide Goldfish Societies that made the effort to spare the time to put up all the staging and tanks etc., the evening before the show – with everything completed by 9.30pm ready for the 8.00am start on the morning of the show. (A special mention of thanks for the staff of Wyken Hall that so kindly collected and arranged all the tables ready for us – a great help that was much appreciated). I can recommend the local Premier Inn for those needing an overnight stay when volunteering to help stage the show. It’s only a mile away from the venue, £30 a night if booked well in advance and catered this year for Ian Mildon, Dave Meadon, Bob Jones and Jan all from BAS and Graham Turner (NEGS) and Phil Riley and myself from AMGK. They do a good cooked breakfast too!!        

A big thank you to all the show judges who had the unenviable task of trying to rate in the correct order all the excellent exhibits that were of a particularly high standard (getting better year by year across all shows it seems to me) and in particular to Andy Barton (AMGK) and Keith Waters (AMGK) for taking on the additional responsibility to start the training of two members who answered my earlier August letter to all four societies seeking volunteers who wished to train as a judge). I’m pleased to announce that we now have 8 members who have signed up to train – real progress that will stand all societies in good stead for the future!

June Pons (AMGK) has, once again, kindly prepared an AMGK Goldfish Standard magazine supplement dedicated solely to the 6th National Fancy Goldfish Show as a complimentary souvenir of the show for all goldfish society members. This will include full results, prepared by Graham Turner and photographs of all winners’ fish provided by Andy Barton and Phil Riley. This will be sent electronically to all societies for individual society publication and posted on the AMGK website to be viewed around the world.

A movie of the entire proceedings was recorded on the day by Laurence Tressler (AMGK) and once edited and prepared for viewing will be placed on AMGK website and YouTube.

Finally, the willingness by so many exhibitors and friends who ‘volunteered’ to stay behind at the close of the show to empty and dry tanks, dismantle tables and stack chairs was very much appreciated, especially by those that had to make hundreds of miles journeys home.

Decisions will be made shortly as to the timing and location of next year’s show and consideration as to how to address acoustic difficulties in the auction space and canteen facility. Apologies for the absence of the bacon butties this year, but for health and safety reasons related to dual use of the canteen by others not connected to our show and a lack of volunteers, despite my appeal to all societies to consider taking on the canteen for the day this usual treat was not possible on the day. We must try harder for next year but must thank Louise Rylett (NGPS) for stepping in at the last minute to serve the very welcome teas and coffees on and off throughout the day with enthusiasm and a ready smile!

Pat Davies,


Passed Chairmen: Bill Ramsden (NGPS) 1989-2008, Andy Barton (AMGK) 2008-2013, Sheridan Moores (NGPS)2013-2019


Kerry Chilvers

J Hearne-Wilkins

David Roberts

Tom Bell

Dr D Harrington

Craig Clinton

Grahame Draper

Jackie Pedley

Keith Mullins

Phil Riley

Ian Mildon

Heather Carrier

Alex King

Mick Smith

A Rathbone

Rebecca Wilson

Brian Young

Brian Parkin

Nick Swales

Tony Roberts

June Kemp

Elaine Edmunds

Dean Roberts

Tommy McLean

Sherridan Moores

Graham Turner

Michael Kirkham

Chris Whitehurst

Gary Malpas

Andrew Barton