Breeders seek new variety standard

In 2018 the Butterfly Telescope as a non-standard variety gained much attention, with several breeders taking up the challenge to breed and show this attractive top-down view fancy goldfish.

Quoting Andrew Barton " The Butterflies have been shown at club meetings and open shows, including the National and there is a genuine interest from those members to develop the strains of Butterflies that they have and eventually to have a Nationwide Goldfish Standard to work to. As the lead coordinator in the development of the Butterfly Standard, I have been approached by members who keep this fish, with regard to what they need to do going forward into 2019.

Evidence: members will need to supply me with photos of their results along with a log of what breeding programme they have been conducting - including the results of how true to type the bred fish were. Also the opportunity to see the fish, whether as a working group meeting or on an individual basis. Please note that the evidence will have to cover several breeding seasons.

Development of the Standard: As a group, we will have to decide on the following things before we can seriously put a Standard together. They are, for both adult and baby fish.

  • The correct size and shape of the tail. 
  • What metallic and nacreous colours there are. 
  • The shape and size of the eyes. 
  • Fins and body. 
  • How we will satisfy the special characteristics of the fish in question.
This is a lengthy process but in time things will develop and we will eventually get into a position where we can submit a proposal to the Nationwide Committee."