6th National Fancy Goldfish Show October 2019

The 6th of October 2019 was the day of our 6th National Fancy Goldfish Open Show, with this year being a record year for both the Show, with 306 entries, and the Auction with over 90 lots.

The popularity of this show set us a difficult task for the set-up on the Friday evening, but this was soon overcome with the support that we received from the helpers from all over the country - many of whom stayed at a local hotel overnight.

The day of the Show was a very busy one and I wish to give my thanks to all who helped to make the day such a success.

The standard of the fish was first class and all in excellent condition, which reflected the efforts put in by the exhibitors.

The fish in the Auction were also of a very high quality and many people went away happy in the knowledge that they had picked up some quality fish at very reasonable prices.

Congratulations to all of those who took part in the Show, with some excellent exhibits, especially Tony Roberts with his Team of Moors, which won Best Exhibit and Best.


Principal Show Manager