'Nationwide Goldfish Standards of the United Kingdom'

in 1989 members of the goldfish societies in the UK realised that judging to different standards at each societies Open show did not support Goldfish Breeders across the country, to maintain the quality of the established varieties for future generations.

It was therefore agreed that three representatives from each society would meet to design a universal standard for the many goldfish varieties they breed and show, and so the mammoth task began.

In a final, historic meeting on January 24, 2016 (pictured), at Horsehay Village Hall near Telford the final publication was approved of the  'Nationwide Goldfish Standards of the United Kingdom' 

A printed version (A5 format) is available at £3 (plus postage) from the relevant Chairman of one of the four societies

7th Annual National Fancy Goldfish Open Show

Saturday 3rd October 2020 :